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Illness Policy

Please remember to inform the Manager of any medical needs and or any new medical conditions or food allergies.  Please be aware it is not our policy to administer any form of medication, prescription or non prescription, with the exception of a long-term illness i.e., asthma or epilepsy.

We recognise the difficulty parents experience when trying to take time off work when their child is sick, however in order to prevent the spreading of illnesses such as vomiting bugs, diarrhoea and viral infections it is essential that a sick child is cared for at home.  Please do not send your child to Greenfields if they are suffering from any of the above or have a high temperature or are on antibiotics. A sick child is just not able for the busy life in Greenfields.  They just want to be with their parents.  A child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to Greenfields.

If a child becomes sick while attending the centre, we will contact the parents to notify them of the situation.  If it is deemed necessary then the parent will be expected to come and collect their child.

In the event of an emergency where parents are not contactable or cannot get to the centre quickly enough, the centre will seek medical assistance for your child.  We will continue to try to contact you to inform you of the situation.

 This is one of our more commonly requested policies.  Copies of all our Policies & Procedures are available.  Please speak to the Manager.