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Pre-school Cara House

Mackenzie Room Leader

Baylee Educator

At Greenfields, our curriculum supports Siolta & Aistear:  Siolta & Aistear

Our daily routine consists of Greeting Time when we meet the children and parents as they arrive.  The children put away their coats and put their break in the fridge and place their names on the board.  We then get started on Planning Time which is when the children sit at their tables and plan what areas they would like to play in for the morning. Once decided, we move on to Work Time where we they carry out the planned activity.  This could include, Home Corner, Block Area, Arts & Crafts, Table Top Activities (threading, jigsaws, peg boards) Sand & Water.  This allows the children an opportunity to make decisions, mix with the children and problem solve.  We then Tidy Up, Wash our Hands and have our Break.  The children take it in turns to help hand out the the food and drinks to their friends.  After our Break we have Small Group Time.  This is when the children work individually with the Staff  and focus on specific activities, which varies every day.  Weather permitting, we go outside for about 30 minutes.  We then come inside for Large Group Time, the final part of the morning brings all the children together for a planned activity which could be dancing, story time singing and so on.  After a busy morning, it’s already Home Time and the children get ready to be collected by their parents.